Refreshing Food Deserts

Everyone deserves to have fresh food available and reasonably accessible to them! It is necessary in this day and age with all of the technology and resources we have to distribute food that fresh food accessible to everyone.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines food desert’s “as parts of the country vapid of fresh fruit, vegetables, and other healthful whole foods, usually found in impoverished areas.” We have too much fresh food in the world that goes to waste everyday when there are people suffering from obesity and malnourishment because they do not have access to such healthy and fresh food. There has been many different efforts especially recently to try and fix this problem by building and opening up new supermarkets with fresh produce in these food deserts. When first hearing about this I thought it was such a great idea and was proud that there are people out there who are actually doing something to make a change in these inner city and poor rural areas. I still believe that this is a great idea and it is helping but have now come to realize that there is more to it.

Even if we build one supermarket with fresh produce in the center of every food desert in the country, there will still be people who will not go because it is still to inconvenient for them. If there is a store 10 miles away that has fresh produce but their is a small market around the 2 miles away that has the necessities but no fresh produce, then most people would still go to the with no fresh produce because it is closer to them and more convenient. What needs to happen is for these small markets to gain access to selling this fresh produce so that people don’t have to change their whole lifestyle but can still get the nutritious filled fresh food they need.



Costco Goes BIG For Organic

Organic and natural are two words that now determine how a lot of the world lives their everyday lives. As we discover and learn more and more about the food that we eat, people are becoming more aware of what they are putting in their bodies. Most people do not even really know what the words “organic” and “natural” mean, but still demand that they’re food be made out of only organic and natural ingredients.


Costco Wholesale, a large member-only warehouse club, is known for selling their items in huge bulk packages. Usually this food is frozen, canned or boxed, and not food you would normally think to have the “all natural” label on it. The food that comes to mind when you think of one of these stores is not the healthiest or freshest food out there. Costco has decided to respond to this new trend of eating food that had been produced with only fresh, organic and natural ingredients. There response is to support this trend and begin to carry and sell “organic” food. They are also trying something new by “working with farmers to help them buy land and equipment to grow organics.” They are following this trend to insure that they keep their strong customer base and also satisfy their customers to keep them coming back. 

Although Costco is taking a big step in the right direction, we are still mostly eating processed food that is not healthy for us. Even the food that says “organic” and “natural” all over the package is not necessarily completely rid of any processed or unnatural ingredients. We should follow in Costco’s footsteps and all begin to find a way to make all of our food fresh, healthy and “organic”.

Are We Returning To The Olden Days?


Everyone from Kim K to Jessica Alba is buzzing about waist trainers, they are so in right now! What is a waist trainer, you ask? Sounds like something that is suppose to help you, right? The correct answer is wrong.Waist trainers are basically a corset you wear for hours at a time that cinches in your waist to over time decrease the size of your waist. It sounds a lot like back in the olden days when women were forced to wear corsets that were cinched so tight that they’re internal organs were shifted into different positions. Why are people doing this to their bodies?


Social media and this unrealistic idea society has of what is beautiful is forcing already very beautiful women to squeeze themselves inside these torture chambers to internally harm themselves. It is very sad and upsetting that this is what our society promotes and praises. I think it is time to instead of try and change the natural form of our bodies and start to realize our own beauty that we already have.

Barbies In All Shapes And Sizes

Body image issues have been at the forefront of our society for a very long time. Many companies have begun to change their ad campaigns, models and overall purpose behind their brands in order to support destroying these body image standards. Mattel, the maker of Barbies, has just released their brand new line of the dolls. This new line of Barbie’s has all new shapes: tall, petite and curvy. It was created to be better representations of what young girls, who play with the dolls, see around them in their everyday life. This is a huge movement that will change the reputation of Barbies forever.

They have been criticized for a long time for having very unrealistic body types and dolls that do not fully represent the diversity in the population in the world. They heard what society was telling them and saw a place where they could be apart of the movement and help let young girls and boys know everyone is different and beautiful in their own way. As we grow up we look to our surrounding world for inspiration, support and validation. The idea that not every Barbie is exactly is the same allows young children to have acceptance of all body shapes and sizes.


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Mark Zuckerberg can I have 1 Billion Dollars?

When I think of Kanye West my mind goes to money, rap music and Kim K. I think of the huge mansions, luxurious cars and spending large amounts of money on things he does not need. That all changed on February 14th, 2016 when Kanye released a series of tweets about him having $53 million in debt. Specifically reaching out to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg asking for him to “invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas”.

He continues, tweet after tweet, to basically beg for Zuckerberg and also Larry Page, Co-founder of Google, to give him money so he can “make the world a better place”. While reading through the ongoing tweets that Kanye was sending out to his almost 20 million Twitter followers, I couldn’t help but think about the rest of the world that is not rich and famous.

If Kanye West who has a net worth of $145 million is in that much debt, what is going to happen to everyone else? Our only hope now is if Mark Zuckerberg would invest 1 billion dollars into all of our ideas and then we would be set! If only that could be reality but it is not, so we will all just have to continue on with our lives and hope that Kanye’s debt isn’t the downfall of us all.


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