“Ad impossibilia nemo tenetur”

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“No one is expected to do the impossible,” states Former Cassation Supreme Court member Gherardo Colombo in regards to Italy’s highest court’s ruling in regards to Ukrainian Roman Ostriakov’s food theft earlier this week.  Originally sentenced in 2013 after a customer in Genoa, Italy spotted him leaving a supermarket with more than he paid for, Ostriakov has won his appeal, and has been acquitted of his crimes.  Ostriakov was originally sentenced to six months and a fine of one hundred Euros for the crime of taking less than five Euros worth of cheese.  Similarly, in the United States of America, in 2013, two men were sentenced to twenty and fifty years of prison for stealing less than fifty dollars worth of food.  Both the difference in punishment for crimes and the lack of a successful appeal from other parties may be an indicator of some of the cultural values of each of the societies.  For example, in Italy nearly one quarter of the population lives below the poverty level so it stands to reason that there may be more leniency towards crimes done out of necessity, whereas America is often seen as a nation that hold personal property value above much else.


Costco Goes BIG For Organic

Organic and natural are two words that now determine how a lot of the world lives their everyday lives. As we discover and learn more and more about the food that we eat, people are becoming more aware of what they are putting in their bodies. Most people do not even really know what the words “organic” and “natural” mean, but still demand that they’re food be made out of only organic and natural ingredients.


Costco Wholesale, a large member-only warehouse club, is known for selling their items in huge bulk packages. Usually this food is frozen, canned or boxed, and not food you would normally think to have the “all natural” label on it. The food that comes to mind when you think of one of these stores is not the healthiest or freshest food out there. Costco has decided to respond to this new trend of eating food that had been produced with only fresh, organic and natural ingredients. There response is to support this trend and begin to carry and sell “organic” food. They are also trying something new by “working with farmers to help them buy land and equipment to grow organics.” They are following this trend to insure that they keep their strong customer base and also satisfy their customers to keep them coming back. 

Although Costco is taking a big step in the right direction, we are still mostly eating processed food that is not healthy for us. Even the food that says “organic” and “natural” all over the package is not necessarily completely rid of any processed or unnatural ingredients. We should follow in Costco’s footsteps and all begin to find a way to make all of our food fresh, healthy and “organic”.


Amazon Selling Buddhist Priest

Amazon.com in Japan started the deliverly service of buddhist priest. There are many dissenting opinion about treating sacred buddhist priest as an product, however at the same time people below middle-age that has less religious spirit thinks that it is a good “product” for  people to have the opportunity to pray. Whether it is good or bad to sell buddhist priest on Amazon it gave Japanese people time to think about the view on religion in Japan.

Recent Japanese people have less relation to religion, but many of Japanese people do their funeral in buddhist style. Funeral itself can be done by funeral home and they can arrange temple and buddhist priest. The problem about buddhist style funeral is that people have to do the first year memorial service, the third year memorial service and the seventh year memorial service. This is a problem to people that have no connection with buddhist priest especially among modern people and it is not rare for young generation to quit these memorial services. Prewar time in Japan, people had their own temple that they belonged to and this practice is fading in Japan.

As a dissenting opinion of buddhist priest, many think that it is a desecrate against religion instead of helping and the portion of the money that they receive is very low. The price of ordering the service of the buddhist priest is 35000 yen about 310 US dollar and most of that money goes to the hand of the operating company. Only one seventh which is 5000yen about less than 50 US dollar  goes to the buddhist priest.

There are still problem that needs to be fixed in selling buddhist priest on Amazon, but I think this is one of the way that can allow people to retain their religious spirit in this modern society.


How to Lose Weight 101

diet snapple

According to Google, the definition of diet refers to “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats.” So, technically we are all on diets because we all consume some form of food or another. But, then Google lists this other definition of diet that states, “a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons.” Minus the medical reasons shenanigans, this is the definition that seems to be universally accepted for when someone refers to a diet.

Now, when you type in diet into Google’s search engine the first four suggestions that pop up are diet pills, diet plans, diet coke, and diet foods. It is pretty scary to think that the most popular Google search with the word diet in the beginning is diet pills. 4,460,000 results pop up with millions of brands. Which one should I pick? Personally, I am a little stingy with my money being a college student and all, and I’m a little skeptical about whether or not these pills are actually going to work. But, what’s perfect is that on dietpilluniverse.com it lists 2016’s top 10 diet pills, and if you do not lose weight you are guaranteed your money back! It definitely sounds like a win win. The thing about these diet pills is that they actually curb your appetite so you actually eat less or sometimes not at all! No wonder they guarantee weight loss.

Diet plans I’m all for. You are what you eat.

Diet Coke on the other hand, I’m not a fan. I’m not surprised it’s the third suggestion on the search engine, but yikes. The most common misconception about low-fat, nonfat, “diet” products is that yes they are healthier for you. Sometimes it can be, but a majority of the time that is not the case. Yes the product has less fat than the original, but food is a science and low-fat, nonfat products are a marketing scheme for big corporate companies to avoid dealing with creating actual healthy products and banning their own. Let’s say a product has 4 grams of fat in it normally, then it’s partner comes along with no fat in it! But, here’s the catch. Now let’s say the original 4 grams of fat probably had 8-10 grams of sugar with it, but the product with no fat in it needs to re-balance itself to make sure it still tastes half decent. So, along with no fat the product will contain 34 grams of sugar. In fact, sugar actually turns into saturated fat and is actually worse for you than consuming the normal fat that is supposed to be in the product. Moral of the story, if you are going to be drinking soda, which you shouldn’t be, you should be choosing Coke over Diet Coke.

And for diet foods, well, you get the jest (similar to the spiel above). I hate those weight watcher pre-made frozen food boxes…hint look at the sodium content.



Mental Illness Becomes a Global Issue

I didn’t fully understand what it meant to have anxiety until I came to college and met one of my best friends. For me, anxiety meant being nervous in situations I felt comfortable in. I couldn’t grasp my head around what it felt like, so like most people who don’t understand something I deemed it impossible. Man was I wrong. All I needed to convince me was watching my friend have an anxiety attack. There was a mysterious unsurpassed force that took over my friend as she lost control.

There are many social stigmas towards people with anxiety. As a culture, we view common mental disorders as insignificant health problems that we do not need to invest resources in as far as developing treatment protocols and medicine. However, very recently, aid groups such as The World Health Organization and World Bank have aimed to put mental health on the world agenda. Analysis of new data suggests that “30% of total disability costs are due to mental illness” making the address of this topic not only a health related one but economic as well. mental illness graphic

These aid groups focus on a global scale however as this topic becomes more prevalent through these upcoming years, it is important that we address the treatment of these people as a whole. As a society we need to understand that these mental illnesses cannot be solved with “a suck it up” mentality but that with the investment of proper resources, treatment, and education on social stigmas we can reduce its effects.

Pink and Blue

Growing up, we learn that boy’s are suppose to like blue and girl’s are suppose to like pink. If your little boy wants a pink truck instead of that blue one, will you let him? Or would you be too embarrassed of your child if he wanted to take it out in public to play because of today’s society?

Boy’s are suppose to grow up tough and hard-working which is my guess as to why blue defines them. Girl’s are cute and softer, which is why pink defines them. More people are becoming accepting of the fact that they are just colors. Just because your little tough boy likes pink and your little princess likes blue doesn’t mean anything. Parents, I doubt your 3-5 year old is trying to come out of the closet. Worry about that later on when they start to experience life and can figure themselves out. Even then, be excepting or you’ll probably run them off. Maybe one day we will just leave or ignore whatever society thinks and live our own lives.


Is fat the new normal?

America is fat. America is like really REALLY fat. When did this begin? Well, it’s been an issue for several years now. The main issue is it’s taken us this much time to realize it and try to find a way to resolve it. For many of us here in America, food is plentiful and we take that for granted by eating everything in sight and not thinking about the harmful effects certain food will have on our bodies.

An article from National Geographic written by Cathy Newman called “Why are we so fat?” helps explain the main issues about this topic. She states “today one out of three Americans is obese, twice as many as three decades ago, and enough for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to declare obesity an epidemic.”

Many people don’t think it’s an issue because it’s their body and they can do whatever they want to it. However, children are growing up unhealthy due to that mentality. Yes. Those children that will be the next great leaders of this country are growing up obese. About 17% of children are considered obese in America alone. When will a change be made?