What Happened to Chipotle?

We have all heard of the recent epidemics of people getting sick across he US after eating at various Chipotle Restaurants. Chipotle is known for being apart of and promoting buying local fresh ingredients, and make their food 100% GMO free. Todays culture has a very unique view on GMO’s. The general public’s opinion is very split between them being something to not think about, or a big concern. Many people have chosen to eat at Chipotle over other places since they hold their foods to such standards. But, since the recent outbreaks Chipotle sales have reduced and some locations have been shut down. Working at Chipotle myself the location has lost half its sales and has had half as many customers since the reports of their food causing sickness began. Customers have asked me “is the food safe here? has there been any scares here?”. To which the response being no. It is interesting to see how the public reacted to the situation, and if that change some of the publics view to think of non GMO food negatively as whole. Chipotle’s goal is to provide fast food that is both healthy and fresh, being better quality than other fast food places such as McDonalds or Wendys. As we discussed in class, many fast food places buy from larger commercial farms. So it is just one place trying to make a change and offer the public a different option of what our culture would view as “healthier, fresh and humane”.


4 thoughts on “What Happened to Chipotle?”

  1. It’s unfortunate that a chain such as Chipotle, with such progressive ideals, has fallen under these circumstances. I remember several months ago when it ranked high among everyone’s favorite affordable restaurants, but with the scares people stopped going. Chipotle was once a significant part of the American middle class food system, but the scares have been a huge test to its integrity. It’s remarkable how such small things can deter the average consumer, but this a reality every business has to face.


  2. Bring a Chipotle lover myself, it is very unfortunate that such a successful food chain can suddenly go from 0-100, real quick. For many of us college kids, it was a food place that allowed us to shove delicious food down our throats that wasn’t known to be made from harmful or bad ingredients like we see from Taco Bell or McDonald’s. Hopefully changes have been made to prevent future outbreaks, but either way Chipotle will always have many hearts.


  3. I remember myself loving to go to Chipotle very often during high school. Ever since the news about unsafe food broke out, I haven’t step into Chipotle. Like the documentary we watch in class about food waste, most of the decision consumers made is base on psychological instinct. Reading through numerous reports about how chipotle food cause sickness, the impression of Chipotle is no longer is deeply implant in me. Although Chipotle have closed for a short period of time, and the company has initiated programs to reassure the production line is strictly monitored, and a internal training for all their employees, in my opinion, those are responsive contributions. Meaning company choose to respond on a case-by-case basis to market requests for contributions. Doing so, Chipotle might earn back some of their reputation, but certainly not all of their customer groups. For me, I certainly wouldn’t go to Chipotle for a while.


  4. I remember whenever my friends would want to go out to eat for the most part we would go to chipotle. But since the recent epidemic of people getting sick, we no longer eat there. We are too afraid of getting sick. It’s really sad to see a well known chain go from having tons of customers to very little customers. I hope that chipotle can bounce back from this epidemic and get all of its customers back.


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